SMU Belle Tones

Southern Methodist University's Premiere Female A Cappella Group

Audrey Johnson


Year: Sophomore
Year in Belle Tones: Second                                                                                                                         Voice Part: Soprano 2
Major: Business, Fashion Media

Audrey is so excited to be a part of the Belle Tones! Raised outside Boulder, Colorado, she grew up singing everything from Aerosmith, NSYNC, and Disney princess love ballads. After starting voice lessons 7 years ago, she broadened her love for all genres of music-- especially opera, Broadway show tunes, and folk music. Although Audrey has loved singing her whole life, she was always too shy to sing in front crowds. But, after participating in two school musicals her junior and senior year, she has decided to share her love of music with all who want to hear. When she's not singing, Audrey can be found at local concerts, hanging with friends, or hitting the slopes back in her home-state. Audrey is thrilled to see what the year to come has in store for the Belle Tones!